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I just woke about up at about 2:45 am and and had a very surreal dream. In it I was playing Rebirth and the was two very strange levels. One called "don't remember this". You start off following a tear in the darkness till the level brightened and theres were spikes and blood everywhere. The other was called don't play this. You started off zoomed out with a ludivico tear you circle around and found a single area with a pixeleated mosiac of jesus martyed. One really weird part about this was when I contacted Mcmillen in the dream he said they where unfinished levels that where suppose to be unaccessable, Another was there was this quiet unseen audience or force quietly watching me play. Then as I realized I was dreaming in the dream "I tried to get off the bed and rolled out of bed and had to force my still sleeping body awake" and woke up. Just thought I'd share with you guys.
Sunset Overdrive is about a bunch of brain-dead mutants thirsting for energy drinks, in a big brother is watching you like dystopia. This means you Xbone fan-boys.

In Sunset City, Fizzco, in a bold attempt to sell, aka drug the masses, OCD (OverCharge Delirium XT) faster, skipped health regulation protocols. Unbeknownst to Fizzco, the drink had the unintentional side effect of its consumers to turning into hungry, violent mutants, such is life in capitalist America. Fizzco, tries to hush it up, claims that a virus has broken out in Sunset City, and quarantines the city. You’re a FizzCo employee, from the sanitation division. Join with other non-mutant survivors to escape, your unrealistic goal is to topple the evil corporation that marketed the orange swill on the city’s consumer population and escape if you can. Along the way there are ninja cheerleaders, killer balloons, and an appearance by Buzz Osborne.

Instead of zombies, Overdrive has OD, which are humans who’ve mutated after consuming a not-ready-for-primetime energy drink. The OD are hyperkinetic zombies, and they constantly mob you. “For many it’s the end of the world, but for you it’s a dream come true. Your old boss? Dead. Your boring job? Gone.”

I’m going stop right there for a second and just say BS on this zombie apocalypse mass fan-fantasy horse malarkey. Most likely you and most people you know would die in this scenario, even most military and survival trained experts would die. This is not a test of who’s a badass, this is just a test of flight and fight responses matched with luck. Sure if they’re old school slow zombies they’d be pushovers, literally. If it’s not a fantasy scenario though you don’t know how the contagion would spread or how it would actually change from person to person. Viruses are crazy stuff. They are zombie parasite that cause insects to become drone egg hatching factories. Most contact with cats can lead to a brain chemical change that makes you like cats, no poop. Enough of my scare crazed tangent.

The game uses “agile combat”, wall running, zip-lines, and acrobatics, like Spiderman with skates. Players use grind rails to navigate city streets. Sunset Overdrive worships the grind. You can slither around hoarding points like a crack addict needing their fix, with sensual combos. Every ledge, cable, and wire is aching to be grindable fodder for your pimp skate sneakers. The more you scrape along, the more uber, and flash like you become. With the ability to grind along power lines, bounce off cars, run along skyscrapers and skim across water, you could literally travel the whole city and never set one foot on the ground. The system is almost erotic, if you miss your jump there is always something else close by to grab ahold of and continue to grind away.

You can carry up to eight weapons at once, including the assault rifle AK-Fuckyouup, a bowling ball gun, a fireworks launcher, and the TNTeddy grenade launcher that fires teddy bears strapped to sticks of dynamite. You can literally run around with a penis shaped weapon spitting green energy flames while crushing your enemies, driven before you. Insomniac Games have created a bright rainbow filled amusement park of chaos. Let me know if you’ve tried this made for TV b-movie rip-off game. I give it a solid four farts and one quiff.
What scares you? Can games really give you the creepy crawlies. Duh.
by catrap0

Picture yourself alone at night, closing your eyes, nodding off in front your computer. Then you hear the sound of rustling, but before you open your eyes, you hear slight whispers. This is where I think the fear factor creeps in, the great unknown.

So to try and understand what survival horror is let’s look at responses from Dr. Russell Green, a consultant psychiatrist who also happens to be a video games fan.

RG: I think there’s the sort of fundamentals that trigger fear in humans. So there’s an expectation factor, and that probably is generated as much by society… one of my guesses is, especially with horror films, is you get a run of similar kind of things and the element of surprise might start to go down because you suddenly realize that this film is going to be similar to the last three you saw. So the impact is less.

RG: If you watch someone else experiencing an emotion, particularly if it’s one of the strong ones like fear, you kind of vicariously feel it. It feels a bit safer but it’s kind of the same as watching a horror film where you see the person being followed in the dark woods. You have what are called mirror neurons in your brain, it’s one of the ways you can empathize with people; you have a sort of mirror image of that emotion and you have a sense of experiencing it.

How does hardware factor in to the scares?

During the development of the PlayStation 4 hardware, the company went through a number of different models for the DualShock 4 controller, including one that sensed players' stress through sweaty hands, lead architect Mark Cerny previously confirmed.

According to Cerny, Sony tested gamepads that could detect players' galvanic skin response — that is, the conductivity of players' skin, which can indicate increased stress based on how sweaty their palms are.

How do developers try to immerse you in fear?

"There are companies using biometric testing to eke every last scream out of players," Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs lead designer Andrew Crawshaw says, "and ultimately you need the feedback of an audience to let you know if a game is scary or not."

Crawshaw maintains that this kind of testing is particularly useful for measuring the effectiveness of a very particular kind of scare, however.

"Once we knew that people felt uneasy with the storyline we were on solid ground, and we could focus on using aural and visual tricks to support (and exploit) that unease. When it came to more visceral scares, there are lots of cheap tricks you can use to frighten people and making people jump isn't all that hard. If you've created the right mood for people to be scared shitless, they end up being willing 'victims'. Once you've defined the journey you want to take you player on, defining the beats becomes easier."

What methods are necessary for the creation of fear in video games?

"The fundamental difference between film and game is the obvious one of passive observation versus active interaction," Byles tells us. "A movie, no matter how good, can only be observed and as such the emotion that you as a member of the audience can feel can only be at best empathic. That is not to belittle it at all and a skilled filmmaker can create a suspension of disbelief that transports the viewer into narrative, but there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome or fate of the characters.

"Games have the opposite starting point but are faced with other challenges. The emotion that you can feel as a player, rather than a viewer, is in the first person. It is your fear that you are feeling, rather than characters fear with which you are empathizing. First person emotion is much stronger than third, which can help to quickly build a sense of fear."

The first game that comes to mind, when I think of a good horror game is Five Nights at Freddy’s. The feelings of isolation and weakness, with things literally beyond your control that can sneak up on you at any moment is awesome.

So what are you favorite scary games? Classics like Resident Evil or Silent Hill? If you havie any great game suggestions let me know in the comments below. Happy halloween.

P.S. If your looking forward to a film that capture the essence of this, here you go.…
Filming in 2014, the film examines the community of horror gaming.

Konami have just announced their involvement, and if funded the film will explore the world of Silent Hill, alongside interviews and profiles of some of the world’s best horror game developers, including the teams behind Amnesia, The 7th Guest, Neverending Nightmares, Lone Survivor, Scratches, Year Walk, Among The Sleep, Dreadout, Routine, Fran Bow, and more are being added every week.…

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